CPC (All)

Driver Theory Belfast offers a range of professional driver CPC training for taxi, lorry and bus drivers in the heart of Belfast city.

Driver CPC is a legal requirement for PCV (passenger), LGV (goods) and PSV (taxi) drivers who drive professionally. It is a key element of the EU Transport Directive, which is designed to improve the knowledge and skills of vocational PCV, LGV and PSV drivers throughout their working life.

Driver Theory Belfast is one of Northern Ireland’s leading providers of PCV, LGV and PSV periodic training, offering competitive individual and group rates. We have been delivering CPC courses from the 1st of August 2016 with over 5000 satisfied clients thus far.

As a JAUPT-approved centre (ACO1870), all CPC courses are uploaded within 24 hours of course completion to ease the licence renewal process. Our professional trainers deliver CPC courses in a range of interesting and educational disciplines. These engaging and interactive courses are delivered in a relaxed manner with plenty opportunities to get involved. 

Accredited Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT) Centre Number: AC01870 

  • Taxi Licence and Driving Licence needed to secure place 
  • Next-day upload upon completion to ensure speedy renewal process 
  • Professional and engaging trainers with a wealth of experience 
  • Interactive and entertaining courses which challenge and stimulate 
  • Welcoming and relaxed classroom environment for attendees 
  • Course duration in blocks of 3.5 hours 
  • All details are held in secure databases by JAUPT, DVA and DTB