PCV Training

A career as a bus driver can be highly lucrative and rewarding but first you need to secure the necessary PCV qualifications
to get on the road. Driver Theory Belfast will work with you, individually, to ensure you are ready to enter the exciting
world of professional lorry driving. We will give you the knowledge and the confidence to make the necessary progress throughout your application. No matter where you start your journey, we will transport you to your destination with a career for life.

Category D

This represents either a coach or bus with more than 8 seats. It’s worth noting that with a category D licence, a trailer may be towed. However, as with the general rule for trailers, this cannot exceed 750 KG Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW.) If you want to tow a trailer in excess of 750 KG GVW, you will need to obtain the D+E licence entitlement.

Category D1

This represents a small passenger carrying vehicle (minibus) with a minimum of 8 passenger seats and not more than 16 passenger seats. The same rule applies (as with D entitlement) for trailers. To tow a trailer over 750 KG GVW (with a D1 licence), candidates must obtain the D1+E entitlement.

At Driver Theory Belfast we offer a bespoke range of services to ensure you achieve your goal of becoming a professional bus driver.

These services include;

  • Multiple choice theory test tuition 
  • Hazard perception test tuition
  • Practical driving test lessons
  • Medical examinations and applications
  • Application for PCV licence 
  • Help and follow-up support throughout the process